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iPhone 14 pro Max versus the SamsungGalaxy s22 Ultra which has the best camera setup I'm gonna try and find outI'll give you my thoughts along the way I'd love to hear what you think to drop a comment below but first let's look at some cinematic video okay so this is Cinematic mode on the iPhone and this is portrait video it's on Samsung which you think is better it should just be glowing my face giving you a nice kind of professional bouquet blur behind me now on the 14 series we now have 4K and also 24 FPS options that Samsung still enter to continue to be 30. I don't know how often you actually use this mode what do you think between the two best cinematic move I think it's this now over the last week or so I've probably taken I don't know like a thousand photos with these and I've put some of the best examples which I think illustrate the differences between the two cameras in this video but before we get to the proper nitty-gritty detailed side-by-side comparison there are a few things that stuck out as I was actually using them for example screen brightness look at the difference between these two the iPhone 14 pro and pro Max now Peak at a whopping 2 000 nits when you're outdoors and it's bright which means it is actually a little bit easier to frame and compose your photo compared to the s22 ultra
which is still one of the brightest phones you can get but the iPhone is just a little bit easier to use but then when it comes to lens transitions while you may not be doing this that regularly during video recording you can clearly see the iPhone is smoother and actually I even noticed an improvement from the 14 coming from the 13. so if you are filming and you are switching between the lenses the iPhone is noticeably smoother than the s22 although to his credit the s22 does let you pause and then resume video recording which you still can't do on the iPhone then from a pure Hardware perspective the Samsung does have an extra lens we have this Periscope camera which gives us a 10 times optical zoom so while I will say the iPhone's zoom and telephoto quality has improved over last year it still can't match the long range Zoom that you get on the s22 ultra I think we were all a little bit disappointed after Apple's far out invitation that rather than getting some cool new astrophotography mode or Periscope lens for long Zoom they just gave us the two times Optical which basically just uses a crop of that new 48 megapixel sensor to give you a 12 megapixel optical zoom also bear in mind
that we are about halfway through the life cycle of the s22 series obviously the Galaxy fold is Samsung's new sort of mid-year refresh but actually that never gives you quite the flagship cameras that the top end S Series does so you could argue apple has a six month Advantage but well this is obviously the case one advantage I have noticed with the iPhone is that we now have a faster shutter speed which which in some cases gives you a usable photo versus a non-usable photo and finally in terms of pricing it is roughly the same it depends where you live because in the US they didn't get the price hike with the iPhones like everywhere else did so here in the UK the iPhone is 50 pounds more expensive than the base s22 Ultra
however don't forget that the iPhone 14 pro its smaller brother shares the exact same camera setup there is no difference between the camera it's so actually if you go for the pro model this is a little bit cheaper but chances are 50 Quid hero there is not going to be the deciding factor it's which ecosystem you prefer what you're used to using although I can tell you now they both have incredible camera setups and they actually share many of the same camera features although to varying different levels of quality so let's jump into a few portrait photos and straight away there's quite a significant difference I mean just look at the color to start with it's a much cooler palette on the s22 across the board compared to the warmer iPhone 14. interestingly I mentioned this in my iPhone 14 pro max review I shared a few days ago that versus the 13 Series this was actually cooler and much closer to a Samsung kind of aesthetic than we had before with a flatter warm look that you got with iPhones moving up to three times which I still think gives you the best focal length for portrait shots again the color difference is still there particularly my skin tones and the jacket you can also see the s22
generally has a wider field of view across most of the lenses so at least with these portrait shots there's definitely a theme of a cooler more contrasty heavier shadow kind of theme that we're getting with the s22 I do aesthetically prefer the iPhone 14s so far but what do you think okay I think it's lunch time which means heal time these guys are very kindly sponsoring this video and I've been using these hot and savory meals as my lunch is probably three or four times a week 10 flavors these are some of my favorites although having a lot of new Pasta Bolognese this is one of the best ones I think give it a good shape two good scoops and actually that all together is just 400 calories which for a lunch or even a dinner is great so it's simple as boiling about 220 milliliters of water it does say on the back of the packet how much you need pouring it in like so giving it a little stir and then leaving for five minutes so heel hot and savory meals give you 26 vitamins and minerals I like to add a little bit of frozen veg which I've microwaved to it a little salt or pepper and actually it's vegan it's gluten free it's healthy it's really nice as well so why not give fuel a try I'll leave a link down below you can check out the range of harm saver meals and let me know which is your favorite flavor I hate to draw attention to the back of my hairy leg I'm really sorry but you can see a lot more in the iPhone's photo of the chair of my leg you can see the outline of my shorts whereas it's all just dark and hidden on the s22 shot now these guys work at my local cafe Nero which I go to every single day pretty much and actually one of the new features of the iPhone is this foreground blur because this is a portrait mode shot it's just using the one times lens and there isn't a particularly deep backdrop so you're not really getting a ton of bokeh but we're seeing this foreground blur on the iPhone if you look at the till for a portrait mode shot you'd want it to be blurry you want a background and a foreground block so in that regard I prefer the iPhone but also look at the t-shirts the color the Shadows are just being crushed by the s22 now in the beginning I talked about how the s22 ultra is the zoom telephoto King right so at the extreme zooms yes the s20 is a clear when gonna but anything up to 10 times I'm finding that the trading blows shows like this I would say are a clear win for the s22 but then look at these other ones there is often more noise with the iPhone but there's also a bit more detail there a lot of the textures are lost on the s22 so all together I would say the s22 is still the zoom King but the iPhone's catching up and I think anything up to 10 times it can go either way but generally I think it goes to the s22 this church scene is really interesting because it shows the difference of how the phones handle the dynamic range the iPhone's exposure has prioritized the foreground so we have a blown out sun with a lot less detail in the sky whereas the s22 handles that much better but the trade-off is we have a darker foreground and here with the castle I would say the s22's colors are much more realistic there's definitely a warmer flatter yellowy vibe to the iPhone often I would say especially with skin tones I do prefer the iPhone but for this particular shot I'm leaning towards the Samsung once again we have those heavy Shadows the heavy contrast on the s22 losing some of that information in the dark areas and I'd also say the s22 has gone overboard with the vibrancy and the saturation here sadly my arms are not that brown but you can look at skies and buildings all day long for me it's skin tones it's faces that are the real test and the real priority when it comes to a smartphone camera at least for me and between these two I've got to give it for the iPhone although this is a textbook example of the new iPhone 14 series just going crazy with the sharpening I don't know why maybe that's something we can fix in an update now switching to some nighttime shots and holy moly we could spend a whole video talking about this one photo there is so much going on from the detail on the back of Andrew's shirt on the left side sitting on the chair to the fire I mean the s22 handles the bright highlights of the Flames better we can see more detail there but the trade-off is we have this really distracting purpley blue light coming into the center and the lower left of the photo and actually if we jump to this next photo wow look at the difference in colors holy moly I mean no one looks good in this photo unfortunately they're going to hate me for sharing this the s22's white balance seems to actually be able to handle the bright orange Flames a bit better if I had to post one of these to Instagram or maybe play around with it like room I would probably go with the s22 shot as for macro shots well I think they both do a bloody good job actually I can see a little bit more fine detail of those rings on the iPhone shot but you can't go wrong with either okay Switching things around to the selfie camera and actually this is one of the upgrades with the iPhone 14 we have a water aperture and it now supports autofocus and looking at these two I think this is a classic iPhone look and a classic Samsung look which you prefer and I guess this goes for the entire video is subjective personally while I do normally prefer A Brighter Image I think the s22 looks a bit better there what do you think okay so we're not here for the next 10 years let me just wrap up some of my impressions of the main camera so far and I would say generally I'm leaning towards preferring the iPhone it is close they trade blows the iPhone is generally brighter warmer in its color tone and also I think more detailed although it can suffer with over sharpening whereas the s22 I would say is a little bit inconsistent with its colors sometimes it's way too cool other times it oversaturates and then becomes really vibrant and too warm and there's also a big difference in how they handle dynamic range those bright highlights versus the Deep Shadows now this is being shot with the main rear cameras start 4K 30 on both what do you think let me give you a little bit of a tour of the studio while you were analyze the two videos this is my main workstation as I'm sure you've seen if you're a regular on the channel we have this little living room area over here with a big TV and look at the difference in the lighting and the color of the sofa that's really interesting actually over here this is where my brother Pete works this is his little workstation and then over here is where we do a bunch of our filming not all of it I like to keep things a little bit varied but we've got my big aperture light some uh matte backgrounds an overhead tripod to get some top down shots so what do you think which phone shoots better video in low light wow okay look at the difference there I'm filming this with the front selfie camera in 4k on both this is pretty tricky lighting though we've got lots of Philips Hue going on behind me we've got the tech chap neon sign now that are going to look fantastic in this light but between the two what do you think which comes on top foreign foreign best well I can tell you they're both incredible camera setups also this video is not sponsored by either of these this is my own personal opinion but more often than not I pull out this the 14 pro Max or by extension the 14 pro I think it's a better overall package I think technically the s22 may be superior and also we have more Pro kind of options we've got director's view we've got 8K video we've got the much better long range Zoom but in terms of how I use my phone for portraits for videos dare I say even some cinematic mode shots my preference would be the iPhone 14 pro and pro Max but what about you which one do you think came out on top let me know in the comments below thank you so much. 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