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yes a gentlemen I want to to hear what you have to say about at this time look I'm Outreach Of course would be one of the men that watch in today's games every yeah I think these are a test for a Croatia bearing in mind that it will be meeting Japan who are being founded at the underdog and also to the mere fact that they have seen where Japan has come from remember this is a team that has brought down the likes of German has actually pushed the amount out of this tournament he's achieved that at the end tale of their group they ended up even beating the lights of Spain it has presented some of the formula that should be at some point actually tremoring and making Croatia actually to start trickling their provisivity in this particular tournament I think at this particular level it's now where a difference of the so-called I think the debate that we have had here experience vis-a-vis the young should come to foreign [Music] has been the engine all along by the way they have been control and remember this tournament if you have been watching it keenly it's always being winner than me one at the midfield if Luka Modric being actually supplemented by a corporation and remember the two of brothers and Modric in that Middle Field they are being actually touted as the old generation I think kobosich at the age of 28 is the one who will be trying to bring that energy is really needed but we have seen with that seven years old a Luka Modric also raising to occasion were needed if they click at that particular midi field then the correction will be able to maybe torment and try to score goals against Japan cramerage of course a one man that will be expected to fire the goals for Croatia if you get the supply from the Tree of a locomotrich brother which and coverage definitely he'll score goals but I remember their game against uh Belgium they are just firing blanks and they never got those chances more so in the first half apart from that controversial Planet they were given and then it was disallowed later but with the climate rich and that team we know the gold poacher in him and the instincts if given the opportunities the chances he'll score those goals he has scored them already in the group stages and I'm just trying to look forward to increase the tally and I already preparing to punch above is his back and away is rather punching over his weight and where he is right now I think he's a man who is knows exactly what he wants to do for this team but as we are all aware it's not going to be a walk in the park because the Japanese defense has been Compact and when they decide to defend they really defend with their bodies on the line and they are not going to give any room to any maybe imposing Strikers you know Parts opposing Strikers coming to the Amanda I feel uh Kramer Rich need to his use his physicalities maybe to try and penetrate through that uh a compact Japanese defense the Japanese defense of course I said also all the Japanese side there are players that will be looking at probably to see whether they can make a difference the likes of kamada the likes of Kubo the likes of uh you know uh minamino we'll be looking at these players to see whether they can make a change for Japan what are you expecting it has been a so tactical kind of team that you fear even really playing against given by how it has been filled its own player remember when going to this world cup the likes of tomiasu and minamino were being touted as the Japanese kind of core player that will really carry this team for and ahead but we have seen the likes of Rizzo Dawn coming coming coming after we have seen the the legs of uh takuma asano coming actually to their aid and giving them gold the likes of the Fuso yes they did not actually click to the expectation that we had before even the tournament maybe but and again even in their final match against Spain also daichi kamada actually being pulled out of the team it's a team that has got an oil kind of presentation that no one actually can really tell and you see playing such kind of activity becomes so dangerous goes by the mere fact that you cannot trace this particular player and the player whom you expect to play they are warming the bench it even present more confusion to a team that is going to face remember here the experience play that they are going to face they know how they play this Japanese team know how the likes of grammarich play they know how the likes of lavaya play lavaya playing that's from front three they know how perisic runs with the ball in that front three they will lead again knowing the defense of this particular Croatian team because they know how the gradual play at the center back this it's become so difficult even to predict a team that has brought down the likes of Spain a team that has signed a German back home and it is presenting player that you can't not really read their story or even narrate their history it will be a game of no kind of prediction that we have had before and again going forward if Croatia does not really bring that egg remember Croatia against Belgium yes today mere fact that Belgium is not being liked by Rogers but and again Belgium brought the game yes to the door of Croatia almost their final year it almost scored what I'm trying actually to compare the two is if Croatia can be really touted or tormented between the likes of Belgium whom are of the same age yes what about playing a secret team that you don't really know how to mark their players yes I'll have to disagree with that Cedric saying I don't like I like Belgium it's just that the way they're playing is not what they are really giving us the value because they have quality world-class players but when they get into the pitch is totally different they play like maybe uh Team or something right but it's not the true team of uh Belgium Cali but that's why maybe we differ with them but that said and then I think Japan remains one of the most unpredictable team in this tournament from what they've already showcased in Qatar I feel also the unpredictability comes in the name of their tactical aperture by their coach uh uh romiasu ajimaya definitely is very a tough coach to predict uh bearing man that the last the last three matches he has had different technical approach maybe losing the first half maybe trying to just to contain the pressure and then the second half the game managing aspect of military by the coming after the second half very energetic with the all the Tactical upgrades they have and then they score go ahead and then they shut the game completely lately so here by any chance they might use the same game plan whereby maybe they allowed the decoration to enjoy position the first half get that goal and the the Japanese will Trend ensure they don't concede as many goals as possible in the first time and when the second half comes then boom they'll have to show their game plan and then they can kill off the game so they need to be very cautious the correction need to be cautious on how they approach this game because uh with the Japanese energy and they never say their attitude I think it's going to be an a thriller in it's in its own yes oh now the other round of 16 March


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